10 Mobile Phones That Are Way More Expensive than the iPhone 7


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Everybody’s raving about Apple’s newest product release, the iPhone 7. With specs upgrades from its predecessors, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the new iPhone has faster performance (twice as fast as iPhone 6), a superior camera, wireless headphones and it’s totally waterproof. Of course, Apple said that their new iPhones are “pretty affordable”, but obviously, that’s always an understatement for their products, with the iPhone 7s being sold at $769.99 for the 32GB and $969 for the 256GB.

While spending a few hundred bucks on a phone might seem a little bit too much for some, wait till you see the prices of the world’s most expensive mobile phones to date. These phones might not have the same advanced technology as the iPhone 6s, but they are surely “dressed” like they’re worth thousands, or even millions of dollars.

10. Vertu Signature Diamond ($ 88,000)

Coming from a brand known for creating a line of luxury mobile phones, the Vertu Signature Diamond is made of platinum and was carefully hand-assembled. Of course, to add “bling” to the already luxurious phone, Vertu also added in 200 pieces of diamonds, making the phone amount to $88,000.

9. iPhone Princess Plus ($170,400)

Launched in 2008, the 9th most expensive mobile phone to date has a price that almost doubles the phone in 10th place. The iPhone Princess Plus takes its name from the 138 Princess cut diamonds embedded on the phone’s surface. As if the Princess cut diamonds are not enough, this iPhone also has some 180 brilliant cut diamonds (17.75 carats in total) and an 18k white gold rim.

8. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone ($300,000)

If you like a sleek and sexy design, then this $300,000 smartphone is for you. Are you wondering what makes the phone’s price tag that big? Well, it’s not because of its mirror that’s designed to be indestructible but because of the two black diamonds (3 carat and 2.5 carat) embedded on the phone’s back and joystick. Also, only five units were created for this model; talk about being exclusive.

7. Vertu Signature Cobra ($310,000)

Another luxury mobile phone created by Vertu that’s included in the world’s most expensive phones is the Vertu Signature Cobra that has a price tag of $310,000. This phone takes its name from the cobra-shaped frame that’s made out of 409 ruby stones and 2 emeralds as the cobra’s eyes. If that’s not enough, this phone also features a frame that has a pear cut diamond.

6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot ($1,000,000)

Yes, you’ve read that right, those six zeros make the price tag of this 6th most expensive phone in the world 1 million dollars. Covered in black diamond with a sapphire etched keypad, this phone has a unique hundred-year-old African Blackwood panel at the rear, making the price tag round up to a million dollars. Only three units were made by the manufacturers of this phone, so you’ll be too lucky to have one.

5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($1,300,000)

Made with solid platinum, this smartphone with a high-tech encryption technology is designed with an 18 karat rose gold as the navigation button, 28 diamonds rimmed around the rose gold, and another 25.5 Princess cut diamonds at the phone’s sides. If that’s not enough diamonds for you, another 8 more diamonds are embedded in this 1.3M phone.

4. GoldVish Le Million ($1,300,000)

Designed by watch and jewelry designer, Emmanuel Gueit, you would expect that this phone has the flashiest design in this list.  Made entirely of 18 karat white gold and embedded with hundreds of 20 carat diamonds, this phone was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive phone.

3. iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond ($2,700,000)

Do you feel like your iPhone 6 is overpriced? Then what do you think of this design-upgraded iPhone that is enveloped in 6,000 hand-placed diamonds and the Apple logo also made of (you guessed that right) diamond?

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond ($15,300,000)

It seems like the black diamond is the game changer for an expensive mobile phone, but this iPhone 5 makes the price of the other black diamond embedded phones miniscule with this one having a price tag of $15.3M. Of course, the black diamond home button is not only what makes up this phone. This iPhone 5 is also dressed in other diamonds and gold. It is said that this iPhone 5 Black Diamond is exclusively made for a Chinese businessman.

1. iPhone 6 Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond ($95,500,000)

The prices of the aforementioned expensive phones in this list might be mind-blowing, but nothing is more expensive than the Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 with a price tag of (are you ready?) $95.5M. No, this phone isn’t enveloped in diamonds, but in 18 karat gold with a huge pink diamond embedded in the phone’s back.

Is the price tag too much for you? Well, Falcon, the manufacturers of this phone, created a “cheaper version” of the SuperNova Pink Diamond with a platinum coated iPhone 6 and a blue diamond at the back with a price tag of $48.5M.