6 Dog Breeds That Easily Make Friends with Kids


2. Collie

Do you remember Lassie? That’s probably the most famous collie ever! Why do people love this breed? There are many reasons, really. This breed is tender and gentle. It’s also a very predictable breed that seldom bites their owners and family member they live with. It's easy to train a collie, that’s why collies are recommended for people who have never kept a dog before. The history of the breed is not less interesting. Collies were bred by people as a herding dog. This means that your collie will try to ‘herd’ your kids, too! It’s up for you to decide whether your kids need to be herded or not. Collies have long fur. You will need hours to groom the dog in order to keep it in shape. Since collies are quite big, some families might think that this breed cannot live in an apartment. However, if you walk your collie and give the animal plenty of exercise, your pet will feel great indoors. On average, collies live between 14 and 16 years.

6 Dog Breeds That Easily Make Friends with Kids Collie

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