5 Things You Should Hold Your Tongue About


5 Things You Should Hold Your Tongue About

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The world is fantastic. What makes it less perfect is its population. We should not trust every person we meet in our lives. Being honest and open is a nice quality.

Be cautious when you tell others about yourself. Some certain things should be private and kept secret or revealed only to those who will not betray or hurt us.

Here's a list five things you should not discuss with less familiar people:

1. Your secrets

Let us first define what a secret is. In fact, a secret is a piece of information that we wouldn’t like other to find out. It can be known to a limited number of individuals or to one person only. If you are an open personality, you might sooner or later feel like sharing your secrets with someone else. Do it only if you're absolutely sure it's safe to do. You are supposed to feel safe and the best way to do it is to refrain from sharing the top secret information with strangers or people whom you do not know very well. Being played around or even blackmailed by those whom you once trusted by mistake is not a very nice thing to experience. Be smart and hold your tongue.