6 Dog Breeds That Easily Make Friends with Kids


6 Dog Breeds That Easily Make Friends with Kids

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You have finally decided to buy or adopt a cute puppy? That’s great! Now the only thing to consider is to do research and find out which breed is more suitable in your situation.

It is essential not to make a mistake in your choice if you have kids in your family. There are breeds that get along with adults better than with children. Luckily, there are quite a few breeds that can easily make friends with all family members.

1. Beagle

This medium-sized hound dog has been kept by families for many years. They have proved to be trustworthy and reliable animals. They like children and can protect and guard you and your kids. Beagles can live in a home where there're other pets. They will never hurt them, but they will love to play and chase after other animals. What you should know and be prepared for is shedding that is so typical of beagles. They require bathing and brushing. The beagle is a wonderful breed if you live in an apartment. Remember that they are highly active and will need brisk walks and games every day. Keep your beagle on a leash since this dog is very curious and adventurous. On average, beagles live between 12 and 15 years.