25 Cancer Signs People Ignore Until It’s Too Late


4.Indigestion is a symptom of a variety of health issues, but it can be a symptom of cancer. If you are suffering from heartburn or pain after eating, your body may be warning you about upper digestive tract cancer. Difficulty swallowing and constant stomach pain are additional signs. If you are eating too many antacids, you might want to be checked out.

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5.Sores that don’t belong may be easily overlooked as possible cancer symptoms. However, skin cancer and oral cancer are often diagnosed from the sores. Sores on the genital area should especially not be overlooked. Cancer of the genital area is often diagnosed when a person has a sore checked out.

6.If you aren’t dieting and you are losing weight, you might want to be checked for cancer. Cancer steals the nutrients and your body starts shedding pounds. If you lose more than 10 pounds of weight, you really need to be seen by your physician. Cancers that steal your weight include stomach, pancreas, lung, or esophagus cancers.

7.If you are not paying attention to your body, you might not notice the weight loss or the frequency of the indigestion. Heeding these simple warning signs could save your life! Cancer impacts all parts of the body and noticing subtle body changes right away could be the difference between living and dying. Catching cancer early increases your chances of survival.