5 Early Signs of Heart Problems NEVER to Ignore


Did you know that heart disease kills more people each year than all types of cancer combined? The American College of Cardiology found that 1 in 4 Americans dies of heart disease, making it the #1 cause of death in the United States.

So what exactly is included under the heart disease umbrella? Essentially, any condition where narrowed or blocked blood vessels is preventing your heart, brain, and vital organs from receiving enough blood – including chest pain (angina), heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure, and other muscle/valve-related heart issues. Many warnings of heart problems go unseen and unfelt.

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Don’t get caught by surprise – be on the lookout for these 5 signs of heart problems:

1. High Blood Pressure:

High Blood Presure

What’s the big deal with high blood pressure? Turns out when your heart is pumping super hard trying to circulate blood through your blood vessels and arteries, it puts a lot of stress, wear and tear on those arteries and your heart. Over time, damaged and weak arteries can lead to blockages, blood clots, and aneurysms. In addition, the stress from constant pumping can induce an enlarged heart, heart failure, and coronary artery disease (where weakened arteries simply can’t carry enough blood to the heart.)

What to do: With 75 million Americans experiencing hypertension (high blood pressure), lifestyle changes are our best bet for tackling it. Talk with your doctor, monitor your blood pressure closely, and incorporate foods and drinks that lower blood pressureinto your diet. Limiting salt intake, staying hydrated, managing stress levels, and exercising regularly will also help maintain healthy blood pressure.