25 Cancer Signs People Ignore Until It’s Too Late


Cancer symptoms can be ignored and written off as nothing in the early stages. However, if you have a family history of cancer, it is wise to pay attention to your body. If you are at a higher risk, you should recognize any small changes in your body. There aren’t many awareness campaigns for some types of cancer, but we have compiled a list of signs and symptoms that you need to know. Some symptoms are cancer specific while others are universal signs.

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1.Lumps are one of the most universal of all cancer symptoms. If you feel a lump that does not belong, have it checked out. Lumps can be found during your routine shower. Soap yourself down and run your fingers over your body. If you find something out of place, don’t panic. Some lumps are benign, but if a lump has grown or changed, it might be a sign of cancer.

2.If you are urinating more frequently, your body may be trying to warn you of a problem. Frequent urination is a symptom of some other health issues such as diabetes. However, if the urination is painful, this is a signal that something is wrong. Consult your doctor because prostate or bladder cancer are also warned by changes in urination.

3.One of the most commonly overlooked symptoms of cancer is changes in bowel movements. If you experience bouts of diarrhea and constipation, your body may be warning you of a serious problem. Pay attention to your stool size. If you have persistent pain in the abdominal area, you need to visit your physician.