7 Healthiest Foods to Eat in US Cities


If you are a health conscious traveler in the US, a top consideration when planning a vacation is where and what to eat. Bountiful restaurant choices aren’t enough. If you are on an extended trip, cooking may be on the agenda and that means sourcing local produce, meats, and other products during your trip. Add any special dietary concerns to the mix and you might decide just to stay home.

Never fear. This guide to finding 7 healthy foods when you travel could save your vacation.

1.Wild Caught Seafood

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If you are a fish lover, whether for flavor or for its many health benefits, you can’t beat Seattle for access to the best. A working port, Seattle is home to healthy seafood restaurants at every price point as well as to numerous seafood markets. So cook it yourself or sit back and enjoy someone else’s take on anything from sushi to grilled octopus. Whatever you fancy, Seattle’s the place to be for fresh local fish.Source