7 Simple Tips to Eat Less and Lose Weight


Who doesn’t want to get one or two kilos down? Probably, only those who have already done it or those who’s slim and graceful like a fallow deer. As summer sets in, one in two tries to grow thin and kill these hateful kilos that massed up during winter and now don’t want to leave the bodies. If you try hard but still can’t get rid of excess weight or just don’t know how to start reducing, these unhackneyed and very effective tips will help you.


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7. Eat more slowly

Do you like sniff at a flower? So what about enjoying dishes’ odor you eat? Don’t be in a hurry and take enjoyment in the world around including food. With paying attention to each piece you’re going to consume, you’ll lead up to conscious nutrition. Therefore you will cut heat of foods, be able to distinguish real and emotional hunger and also learn to differentiate a sense of fullness. As a result, you will never clean out a plate wildly and then cast in your teeth for this. The calm atmosphere at mealtimes will lead to more thoroughly chewing, that is in turn healthy for digestion. But it’s necessary to train to learn to eat consciously. Some noise and fuss of your everyday life don’t let you catch a break, but sometimes it’s essential to make some efforts to concentrate on eating and realize that you are full. Before habit training, organize some “reminders” which will be before your eyes at mealtimes, for example, a note with motivation on the dining table.