10 The biggest human treasures


Sometimes it seems that the finders of treasures exist only in adventure books. And in the modern world it’s quite naïve to expect that accidentally you can find treasures. Our rating of 10 most famous treasures in the world’s history proves the opposite. This means that the earth and the depths of the sea still cherish desperate hunters.

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10. Cellar with a secret

Sometimes, to find the biggest treasure, not necessary to wield a shovel. For example, a married couple from France didn’t even had to leave the house. The treasure was found in the basement of their house. Once, trying to eliminate the flow of water pipes, the couple from Milo found imbedded in the floor of a clay pot. This fact forced home owners to forget about the problems with the pipes. The jug was filled with antique gold coins. There have been a little more than 30 pieces. However, the assessment numismatist find today can cost about 100 thousand euro.