Top 10 most expensive watches in the world


The watch were and still a leader among the accessories. Some of them are not only the time meter. They demonstrate the well-being of the owner and the innovative achievements of the watch industry. The most high-cost watches are presented in our rating. There are ten specimens, which cost over a million dollars, in the top. Typically, these watches are produced by the piece, and sometimes in a single copy.


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10. Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie 1 million dollars

The list of the most expensive watches is opening with Swiss masterpiece for 1 million dollars – Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie. The watch is striking in its luxury and refinement. The decoration consist of the 1185 diamonds. Moreover, they not only decorated the body, but also the winding head. Diamonds have been mined for the company in Russia in Siberia. The case of watch is made of gold. The watch is able to withstand water pressure at depths of 30 meters. To create eight pieces, namely in an amount of number of specimens, 25 masters took more than 4 months of laborious work.