What This Man Does With Beach Sand Will Blow You Away!


Andres Amador is an artist that creates art using a simple rake and sand at the beach. Nothing else. The visions he has for his creations are truly breathtaking. Complimented with the obvious beauty of the ocean, and it’s quite the scene to admire. So much so that sometimes people request to have him create art on the beach for  a proposal. Check out his work below….

For Andres Amador, his art is “more about the process and less about the result.”

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 He knows that it will all be temporary.

 While making his beach mural explorations, he uses a rope as a guide so that he can make the geometric patterns.

 When asked WHY he does it, Andre gives the best answer…

 “The unanswerable question! Its fun. I get to be at the beach.”

 Consider yourself lucky if you happen to stumble across one of his playa paintings, because it won’t be there long.

 By raking up the wet sand at low tide, he is able to make contrasting sand colors.

 He even offers his services, helping people propose.

Or even teaching others to create these beachscapes as part of a team building exercise.

According to Andres, it only takes a couple of hours once the tide is low enough to create the designs.

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Via Imgur