10 Hot Girls Photoshop Fails If You Don’t Know How Do It-Don’t


9. With a little help from Photoshop

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The two girls are really happy with showing off their curves and thin waist. But anyone familiar with the possibilities offered by the latest versions of Photoshop knows that there are a couple of tools and tutorials directed at addressing such “flaws of the human body”.

We can bet the girls look more than ok with in their normal versions, but they clearly wanted more. But no fast editing is able to walk away without leaving some clues behind. In this case, the floor decorations seem to fall victim to the initiative of the digital artist. We can even imagine the conversation:”Yes, you can have a thin waits, but that will ruin your tiles”, with the girls crying in one voice “Make it happen!”

When you put hot girls and Photoshop fail in the same context you end up with puzzling conclusions. Disappointment is just one step closer.