These People Totally Think They Have Met Celebrities But They Really Haven’t….Hilarious!


This is the best thing you’ll see all day! These people went on to social media to brag about the “celebrities” they have just met. But, it doesn’t take too long to realize that the people they just met, are just really bad doppelgänger of celebrities. But, these people are thoroughly convinced that they just stood next to Hollywood. Really people?! Just wow! Check them out…..

Clearly Bill Murray

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Obviously Morgan Freeman

Undeniably Jake Gyllenhaal

Apparently George R.R. Martin

Certainly Drake

Clearly George Clooney

Definitely Marilyn Manson

Noticeably Chris Angel

Plainly Johnny Depp

Surely Orlando Bloom & Christian Bale

Visibly Bill Murray

Of course Obama

Without a doubt Peter Dinklage

Distinctly Hugh Laurie

Unquestionably Macklemore

Absolutely Pitbull

Recongizably Ed Sheeran

Sonorously Zach Galifiananiafakis

Hugh Jackman and his signature Wolverine claw

Indubitably Taylor Swift

Officially Usher

By all means Mike Tyson

Without question Matthew McConaughey

Incontestably Reese Witherspoon

Evidently Chris Pratt

Naturally Johnny Depp

If you saw these people on the street, would you also mistake them for celebrities? Share with friends!

Via Imgur