Celebrities And Their Infamous Prom Pictures….Wow!


Prom is a milestone for every one. And, that includes celebrities too. Of course, some weren’t famous at the time of their proms, some were. So, their lives were pretty normal, when they got all dressed up for one of the most important nights of their lives. We can only imagine that their dates are now bragging to everyone they know how they went to prom with these now, A-listers….

Will Ferrell

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 Lady Gaga

 Bruno Mars

 Demi Lovato

 Dakota Fanning

 Britney Spears

 Taylor Lautner

 Diana Agron

 John Krasinski

 Kim Kardashian

 Miley Cyrus

 Blake Lively

 DJ Pauly D

 Tyra Banks

 Bella Thorne

 Jennifer Anniston

Amanda Seyfried

 Jessica Alba


 Ellen DeGeneres

 Taylor Swift

 Brad Pitt

 Danielle Fishel & Lance Bass

 Snoop Dogg

Who do you think is the most unrecognizable from then to now? Share with friends!

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