Celebrities of Our Time: Then And Now….Battle of the Aging…


Some celebrities are like wine….they only get better with age. Heck, some look way better with age (George Clooney :)) Some, unfortunately have seen better days. Either way, it’s fun to see what these iconic celebrities look like then and now….

Milla Jovovich

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Steve Martin

Kim Basinger

Jamie Lee Curtis

Maggie Smith

Vanessa Paradis

Carla Bruni (with Kate Moss)

Monica Bellucci

Jeff Bridges

Charlotte Rampling

Meryl Streep


Christopher Walken

Linda Evangelista

Clint Eastwood

Michelle Pfeiffer


Sean Connery

Charlize Theron

Bruce Willis

George Clooney

Helen Mirren

Martha Stewart

Kate Moss

Miranda Kerr

Brooke Shields

Johnny Depp

Mick Jagger

Jack Nicholson

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Via Imgur