11 Popular Songs That Were Written For Different Artists Than They Were Made Famous By….


Some say that music is not what it used to be. Perhaps that’s because certain songs are sung, not by who they were intended for. For example, do you remember Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s song, “Telephone”? That song was actually written by Lady Gaga, for Britney Spears. Britney declined it. And Gaga decided to cash in on it, instead. But, wouldn’t it have been better of Britney sang it and performed it, instead? Here are some more similar cases in the industry…

Kanye West & Jay Z ’N****s in Paris’

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Was presented to Pusha T, who rejected it and saying “It sounds like a video game. Get that shit out of here!”

Justin Timberlake ’Rock Your Body’

Was written for Michael Jackson’s ‘Invincible’.

Britney Spears ’…Baby One More Time’

Was presented to The Backstreet Boys and TLC who both turned it down

Rihanna ’Umbrella’


Was written for Britney Spears who instead chose to shave her head.

Miley Cyrus ’We Can’t Stop’

Was presented to Rihanna for her ’Unapologetic’ album.

Lady Gaga & Beyoncé ’Telephone’

Lady Gaga wrote the song for Britney Spears who declined it.

Pharrell ’Happy’

The song was written for CeeLo Green who declined it because he wanted to focus on his christmas album

Frank Ocean ’Thinkin Bout You’

Frank wrote the song for Bridget Kelly who released it, shortly after Frank changed his mind about it, renamed it and released it himself.

Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora ’Black Widow’

Was written for Katy Perry for her ‘Prism’ album. tbh. i’m not sure she isn’t the one singing in it.

Britney Spears ’I’m a Slave 4 U’

The song was written for Jannet Jackson who decided not to do it. Pharel and the Neptunes decided to give it to Britney instead.

Kanye West & Jamie Foxx ’Gold Digger’

Kanye wrote the song for Shawnna, it was supposed to be a song from a womans perspective. She declined, he cashed in.

Do you not wonder, that if all these artists are “musicians”, why don’t they themselves write their own songs? Share with friends!

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