13 Celebrity Kisses That Are So Bad You Can’t Stop Watching Them


If you say that you’ve never seen a cringeworthy kiss amongst celebrities on TV, the tabloids, or online, than you must live under a rock. What is it about celebs, and awkward, raunchy, weird kissing? Is it a publicity thing, or do celebrities just don’t how to kiss normally? But, as painful as it is to watch these kisses, we don’t stop from watching them. It’s pretty much a twisted guilty pleasure:)

Sandra Bullock & Meryl Streep

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The two Oscar winning actresses locked lips at the 2010 Critics Choice Movie Awards. Bullock had just won her first Academy Award and beat three-time winner Streep on her way, which was enough for the two to pull this prank in order to demonstrate how Sandra killed Meryl with her kissing as well. Wow.

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

Its hard to say whose tongue it is but if their aim was to show us what passion is mission accomplished. A little too well.

Sharon Stone & Kathy Griffin

This was at the 2012 Aarp Movies for Grownups Awards, but nowhere near the Bullock / Streep kiss. Just a peck, and Kathy is clearly not that into Sharon.

Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

What a tight presidential kiss, or peck to be accurate. Perhaps they should seek advice from Bill Clinton on the matter.

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy

They seem amused but still this is another boring kiss. We think the combination of a rock star and a beautiful actress should have created something a little more edgy.

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

This is one rock star who has aged in front of our eyes, so well let him get away with this old fashioned reserved kiss. We expected more from sassy Sharon though.

Janice Dickinson & Some Guy

Well, this seems to be another attempt by Janice to prove she remains forever young. Its quite pathetic at that point in time, whatever her partners age may be.

Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell

A moment before this kiss is about to occur, it doesnt seem like something to look forward to. Were disappointed with the always disappointed judge and his judge girlfriend.

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

Its quite funny how these two were one of the most stable couples in Hollywood, and still manage to hit noses as they attempt to kiss at some red carpet event.

David Walliams & James Corden

These two comedians arent exactly known for being shy, but this very public stunt they pulled at the Haiti fashion fundraiser in 2010 was bold even for them!

Michelle Keegan & Max George

The actress and the singer look quite off sync here.Could this have been a sign of their upcoming engagement break off?

Miley Cyrus & Doll

Is this a sex doll or just a giant Barbie? In any case, Mileys attempt at a provocation is somewhat missed here, just like she missed the dolls mouth.

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