12 Gorgeous Models You Didn’t Know Are Transgender Women


When you’re asked to define the meaning of beauty, this task may seem hard to complete because there are different parameters that should be considered. For example, people’s beauty can be connected with their characters, personal traits, genders, sexual orientation, and so on. To make a detailed conclusion, you need to answer many questions, but you will finally understand that beauty has quite a subjective nature. One thing may seem attractive to some people, while others will consider it ordinary. Pay attention to beauty standards in the past because they are outdated and changed nowadays.
Look at the beautiful models included in our list. What will you think about their beauty if you’ll be told that they are transgender? This matter has been debated for a long time, but the modern society is on its breakthrough these days. That’s because more and more people are realizing that the meaning of gender identification is a more complex matter than being born with certain genitalia. Besides, you should get a better idea of the important role played by beauty when it comes to modern fashion and relevant industries. When people look gorgeous, does it matter whether they are transgender? If your answer is positive, you should read our list and reconsider it. There is an opinion that a sexual orientation and a gender shouldn’t have any impact in beauty. The gorgeous models discussed below serve as its excellent evidence because they all are transgender females, despite the fact that the world still didn’t accept their true selves.

Nong Poy

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Her name is the famous one on our list so that you should know that she is a popular actress and model from Thailand. She is 30 years old and found out about the mix-gendered sensuality that she had when she was quite young. As a kid, she felt quite inconvenient in her body and had to live as a man to stay within existing social norms and rules. Nong also didn’t want to cause any stress to her relatives, but then she could start living as she wanted after her decision to undergo a certain surgery. It’s worth mentioning that she was only 17 years old at that time. Poy succeeded to win many important beauty titles, and this is how she brought more awareness to this matter and public rumors associated with it.