10 Hot Girls Photoshop Fails If You Don’t Know How Do It-Don’t


Hot girls can help us have a better day and we have to admit that anyone of us is interested in seeing something beautiful. But some of them go the extra mile in order to make a wow effect. That extra mile, you guessed, is Photoshop editing.

We live in a digital era and plastic surgery has definitely fallen on a second position. Why endure physical pain and months of recovery when your body can look great in just a couple of seconds. And there is always the “undo” button, a luxury many celebrities which went under the knife could not afford. Of course, having your photo photoshoped by experts can lead to excellent results, but not everyone has the time and resources to acquire that solution.

In many cases, the editing is done by some noobs which have just a couple of tricks under their sleeves. The negative consequences are often hard to spot by an untrained eyed, while there are some instances where the result is obvious and ridiculous.

This compilation has assembled 16 hot girls which failed terribly at hiding their Photoshop interventions. We are talking mostly about ruined backgrounds which point out exactly to the areas where the nasty things happened. Far from judging the ethics of what is being done with these shots, we are more concern about the technical aspects.

We will take some of these photos for further research purposes and we will try to get down to the bottom of the mystery. Who is the girl in the picture and who did the Photoshop part.

10. Bigger is just better

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There is clearly something wrong in the photo. I am not talking about the girl, which seems brought from a fairy tale into reality. The problem is we are not sure the bust size depicted here matches the reality and we don’t want our readers to be disappointed.

As far as we can see from the comfort of our computer monitors, the girl asked someone to stretch up her breast. Wait, we forget to add, “in Photoshop”. It is quite easy to see that something fishy happened there. The left arm also look a bit odd. Long story short, the girl is wearing tons of make-up on a beach day, so we can start by presuming that she likes to “enhance” things visually.

Even the right side, which our team of Photoshop specialists failed to spot, bears the mark of some rounding up.