11 Things That Kim and Kanye Can Get Away With….Just Because They’re Kim and Kanye


Just as a side note, if any regular, non-famous person did this kind of sh*t, they’d be considered weird, conceded, trashy, and/or ridiculous. But, because these two are famous (not sure why), it’s cool, romantic, and sexy. It’s funny how full of double standards the world becomes, when it comes to Kim and Kanye. Here’s the biggest double standard about them —- so many people say they don’t like them, and constantly knock them…yet, they’re still one of the most famous celeb couples out there. And, they only get more popular by the day. Even their fame doesn’t make sense!

1. Pose in front of a Lamborghini with matching outfits

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 2. Wear these horrible looking jackets, yet making them look incredible

 3. Kim Kardashian posted this pic, and Kanye tweeted back, “I’m coming home now”.

 4. Kanye wrote a song about how much he lusts over Kim, and we all had to hear about it

Uh huh, honey.

 5. It wasn’t enough for Kanye to give Kim a bouquet of flowers for mother’s day. So he built her an entire wall of roses.

 6. When Kanye proposed to Kim, he rented out an entire stadium, a 50 person orchestra, and gave her a 2 million dollar ring.

 7. Kanye’s wedding gift to Kim was a painting of Kim that read “the perfect bitch”.

 8. Kanye gave Kim 1,000 roses for Valentines Day.

9. Their daughter, North,  already has a Lamborghini

 10. They spent 4 days editing their first wedding portrait on instagram, because no filter offered the right coloring for the flowers in the picture.

 11. Kim made a book of 1200 selfies for Kanye, just because….

Be honest, are you a faithful viewer of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Are you totally clueless as to why you even keep watching this show? Yep, so is the rest of the world. It’s a big mystery. Share with friends!

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