Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Ruins Flash Photographs….Crazy!


As much as we like those photos the paparazzi take of celebrities, they are not liked by many celebrities. Sometimes, it’s just ethically not the right time for a picture, and the paparazzi still proceed to snap pictures. This has caused some celebrities to flip out, and physically attack some photographers. Some paparazzi have taken their photo snaps to such an extreme level, that they have caused celebrities to be involved in accidents. Well, now some celebs will be able to sleep. Chris Holmes, developed a clothing and accessory line made to bounce flash lighting back, and cause the photos to be very dark. So dark, that all you will be able to see in the pictures is this special clothing by Chris Holmes. It is the anti-paparazzi clothing line.

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This clothing could put the paparazzi out of business. Uh oh! But, the guy who invented this clothing line will bank! Share with friends!

Via Imgur